A Bad Day… Maybe?

Posted October 26, 2016
I am a business man. This is what I do each and everyday. I love it. I love coming to work. I never have a bad day.
        – Magic Johnson

I had a bad day last week. What’s so unusual about that? Unlike the utopian life of Magic Johnson, although he has overcome HIV, we all have bad days. Magic is obviously not in the T-shirt printing business.

If you never have a bad day, please contact me and let me know your secret. I always say, “If you never have a bad day, you are not reaching enough.”

In other words, we mere mortals must try everyday to be better than we were the day before. If we are being completely honest here, that is one tough goal, but it is my top-of-the-mind thought that I use to look towards tomorrow. Also, I try to ask myself, “What good can come out of this bad day, mistake, or problem?”

For example, last Monday I had back surgery.

The positive view: I corrected a 17-year injury that had affected my life pretty badly.

The negative view: the next week was pretty bad. That Tuesday was worse than the operation itself. I hurt like hell and I couldn’t speak very well because of the respirator having been down my throat for 3 hours the previous day, but that was all physical.

I had an angel that took care of my every need for a whole week. She never left my side. My wife of 35 years is that angel. Now, after a week, the 17-year pain down my right leg is gone.

So you ask, what was so hard about that? Here is the hard part: Monday night some kids burned down a trailer at Champion. The trailer had 25k worth of merchandise equipment in it. The video of that fire was the first thing I saw Tuesday after my Angel. The good part is it could have caught our factory on fire, but didn’t.

It gets better, though. Later that day we received an email out of the blue that one of our largest customers was leaving us because they bought a company like ours. The good part is we received an opportunity from one of our customers that is better than the one we just lost.

No one was hurt. No life was lost and no one even lost a job. By the way, forget that part about being in the t-shirt printing company. As long as I have that angel and the best team in the business by my side, I’m doing pretty well.

So, when you have a bad day, give me a call. I’ll remind you that if you never have a bad day, how will you know when you have a great one.


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