Tiger Win Brings Back Memories

Posted October 20, 2015

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”
– Lyndon Johnson 

The University of Memphis football team won the biggest game in its history last Saturday. They beat the Ole Miss Rebels in front of sixty thousand fans at the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium. The game was also broadcast nationally. It is estimated that over ten million people saw the game. All I can say is Goooooooo Tigers!

This game is the one that so many fans that have come and gone always waited to witness. I feel so lucky that my whole family and ten employees were able to be there too. Why? Because this game was something all Tiger fans dreamed of. Beating their biggest rivals, a top ranked team, becoming Bowl eligible, nationally ranked 17th in the country and a 13 game winning streak!

It reminds me of Hunter Lane, my step dad going to games for over 70 years with dreams of a big win like this one. He wasn’t alone, though. He suffered through the losing seasons like all of us, but with Hunter, it would sometime ruin his whole week after a loss.

Despite that, he and his pals ( they know who they are ) rarely missed a game. They sat and watched in the stadium sometimes with less than 10,000 fans in the cold, the heat, the rain and snow. They were the part of the True Blue that kept the program alive, even in the years people said football was dead at Memphis.

So here’s to all of you like Hunter and his pals that so wanted to witness this day!
I know you were up there somewhere, Hunter, watching the Tigers beat their biggest rivals. I know you were jumping and screaming like children and that in the end it was all worth the wait.

And heres to Coach Fuente, A.D. Tom Bowen, and all the Tiger players past and present… thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

You, the fans, deserve it! Gooooooooo Tigers!

Love, Mike Bowen


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