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Need help with your design or order? There are three ways to find an answer:

  • Confused on how to begin? Browse our FAQ’s on the left panel or click here for a simple step by step on how to begin.
  • Call 901-365-4830 to speak with a customer care specialist

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking through all the questions you may have through out the design process. The menu to the left breaks them down into easy-to-navigate topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I save a design and change it later?

Yes, you must sign up with and you can save your designs in our account. Click Here to sign up.

More info on designing online

Do you offer live support?
Currently we do not offer Live Support via the web. You can request an update on your order anytime day or night by emailing You can also call us at 901-365-4830, Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm CST.

Will anyone review my design for errors?
Yes! Every design is reviewed before it goes to print. We will contact you immediately if we find any errors.

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Are there any hidden costs I should know about?
NO HIDDEN COSTS! Wholesale pricing includes the T-shirt, artwork, set-up, printing and delivery. Taxes are not included in the price. Expedited delivery charges will apply if chosen.

What if I find a printing error?
There are a few ways you can report a problem with your order.
Give us a call at 901-365-4830 or send an email to

More Info on Printing, Placement & Alignment

What is the minimum number of T-shirts I can order for my design?
Currently, your order must be 6 pieces or greater to process.

Can I receive a sample print of my design?
Yes, samples can be provided on any order. Please call us to place your order and schedule a printed sample.

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