Designing Online

Can I save a design and change it later?

Yes, you must sign up with and you can save your designs in our account. Click Here to sign up.

Can I copy and paste design elements?

Yes. When clicked on the element, select the “duplicate” button along the top menu bar in the designer tool.

Will my print look the same on the website as the final printed piece?

The T-Shirt Designer Tool is not 100 percent accurate but is a very close representation of what your finished product will look like. The designer tool does give you the specific size of your art so you can better visualize the completed design. Delivering work The Champion Way, our design and printing teams will ensure your T-shirts will be printed as you intended.

How do I load a previous design I’ve created?

You must create and hold a user account to save and retrieve designs.

Can I use the Designer Tool to draw?

No. Our T-Shirt Designer Tool does not give you the option to draw. To use a drawn design, you must upload it to the designer tool. Click here for instructions on how to properly upload artwork.