Fonts & Text

How many fonts can I choose from?

We currently offer more than 1,000 fonts to choose from.

How do I add my own text?

To add your text, while in the designer tool, click on the “Add Text” button.

adding text

Once added, 1. you can edit the text, imprint color, 2. font, 3. outline & color and 4. the shape of the text.

editing text

How do I make sure my text is centered?

When adjusting the placement of your text on the product, a center line will appear to show where the center of the design is located.

How do I make sure my text is readable?

Pick a readable font . Use an ink color that contrasts T-shirt color you have chosen. Example: White ink on a pale yellow shirt is hard to see because there is no contrast. Whereas, navy blue ink on the same pale yellow shirt stands out because of the distinct contrast between the ink color and the garment color.

What if my design contains spelling errors?

Don’t worry! T-Shirt Champions has you covered. We thoroughly check the spelling of any text in a design. If we have any questions, we will contact you immediately.

Selecting a font that matches your statement or message is very important. Choosing the best and most suitable font for your text will give your design that extra touch!

The fonts on the top more accurately illustrate the word’s meaning than the fonts on the bottom.

  • When designing a T-shirt, bold and easy-to-read fonts are the most effective.
  • Make sure to balance character and readability. Readability is far more important than a cool looking font.
  • Avoid using several different fonts. Mixing too many fonts decreases the readability.
  • Present your message in as few words as possible. Too many words makes your message difficult to read on a T-shirt.
  • Make sure your text can be read from at least eight feet away.
  • Make sure the most important information is the largest, and the size of the font descends with the importance of the information. That way nothing is competing with the main message.
text size

Script fonts can add a classic or vintage look to your design, as long as the font is used correctly.

  • Do not use script in large bodies of text.
  • Use script as subtitles or secondary messages.
  • Do not use script in all capital letters. It is not legible.


bad text