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The past two years we have used TShirtChampions.com to create the t-shirts for our Memphis Catholic 5K & Spring Festival. The assistance and client support they provide throughout the entire process is second to none. Everyone in each department is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure we will be completely satisfied with the end product and try to create exactly what we want for our event.

Dani Ray B.
Memphis Catholic High School
Memphis TN
Ellen H.
Bank of Bartlett
Bartlett TN

Thank you guys so much for the wonderful plaque for David! He was very, very moved by it. Thank you again for your timeliness and diligence. It worked out great and we really appreciate it. Have a wonderful day!

Elizabeth G.
Pickler Wealth Advisors

Our shirts look great! I appreciate it and just wanted to let you all know.

Preston M.
Presto Partyz, Inc.

Thanks for having your crew get all of our tees together for today. They look great. I’m (personally) particularly thrilled with the new Cat Head Blues tees. They look spectacular, and folks at the store seemed pretty excited about them. Thanks for everything.

Cat Head Blues

We have done some great work together..I’m thinking this will be a good year for the RiverKings fans!

Cristin F.

All we have to do is give Bill an idea and in less than 48 hours he and your design team comes back with a graphic that blows us away! Not only are you guys the best in design but before I can pick up the phone to call Bill, he calls me. He’s researched our website, knows what we’re doing in the future and has already mapped out a plan to provide us with what we need. Could anyone ever ask for better service? I don’t think it’s possible. Competitors get after us about doing business locally, but this North Carolina organization goes to Memphis….we go TshirtChampions.com!

Harold K.
Tuscarora Council, BSA

The shirts look AWESOME…both colors! Thanks again!

Special Kids and Families
Memphis TN

At Sysco Memphis, our priority is our customer’s success. Through a process of asking questions, understanding the goals of our customers and offering a wide variety of products and services, we can assist them in meeting their goals. Because this is our philosophy, we have very high standards for the vendors that we conduct business with. TshirtChampions.com is a vendor that has met and exceeded our expectations. They took the time to understand us – our needs and expectations and have delivered time after time. TshirtChampions.com has become a vendor we look forward to working with. Recently, we introduced a new national logo with very specific color and design specifications. Without missing a beat, they presented us with a wide variety of choices with many price points – something for everyone! We look forward to a long and successful partnership with TshirtChampions.com.

Sheri B.
Sysco Memphis, LLC
Memphis TN

Conwood has worked with Champion Awards for over 6 years supplying our personnel with high quality, embroidered shirts and jackets. Champion has done an outstanding job working with our people throughout the country ensuring that their needs are met. We are continuously impressed with the level of customer service we receive from our Champion Awards representative, Lee Raney. Lee has done an outstanding job getting to know our company and people which has resulted in strong relationship we value. I would highly recommend Champion Awards as a trade partner to any organization seeking company or event embroidered apparel and supplies.

Doug H.
Conwood Company., LLC